Constantly is looking for spaces to understand who he really is, what is in his womb, which is not known whether, what sets him free. Looks for the mountains and the ocean, light and color, individual fulfillment. However, it must fit into a society, camouflage with their codes, homogenized, dot dress. It gets two masks, one for every occasion, playing a role through which interacts with others, with their environment and with itself. And so every day again become, after doing what he does, what he is not.


A short film by Fernanda Almeida, Luciano Santana and Sebastian Gonzalez Dixon

Makeup Fernanda (nana) San Juan

Acting Sebastian Gonzalez Dixon

Filmed @ Barcelona 2009

Link to official site

Papel was among the top 5 videos on the Bang Video Art Festival of Barcelona. It was showed in front of the FNAC to hundreds of people.

The short film was presented at Caixa Forum Barcelona, June 2010, as part of the video works of the art collective “Once Upon a Byte”.